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Paul Martin

Paul Martin has over twenty-five years of preconstruction and estimating experience, with a well-round portfolio in high profile projects. He has served on the National Education Standards Board of the American Society of Professional Estimators. Mr. Martin has developed a reputation of being at the forefront of moving estimating in the construction industry from a passive to active practice. He has presented all-over-the-world on Active Estimating™, covering the topics of integration of technology, analytical interpretation, and preconstruction behavioral team process to ensure reliable predictions of cost and time.

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What is Active estimating?

Your team has complex jobs requiring large capital outlays—such as construction, waste management, and manufacturing—facing the constant risk of cost overruns, contract disputes, and delays. Active Estimating® mitigates these risks by keeping pace with evolving technologies, changing approaches to contracts, procurement, and other external pressures.

Our contemporary approach evaluates behaviors and knowledge that evolve to meet emerging challenges and opportunities head-on.

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